Crypto Refund Option

Dear OnPlace (OPL) token holders ,

Due to the lack of investments raised in crypto assets during the pre-sales periods, OnPlace has not reached the amount needed for launching a full-featured service as it was expected. The hardcap claimed was 15,000 ETH.
In fact, we had a chance to raise around only 5% from this sum in crypto, which was about 1,000 ETH.
According to the flactuated price of ETH during those days, OnPlace fundings have turned into the sum equivalent to $250,000.
The sum mentioned above has not even covered the marketing expenses.
However, there was another funds obtained from fiat investments and the development of the project has still been maintained by the owners of the company.
In this matter, the project's future does not really tied to the investments, that had been acquired in crypto. Moreover, the minority of OPL contributors have started the trolling campaign and negative feedback against the project, which does only harm to its perspectives.

Therefore, OnPlace board of directors has came to conclusion to invite all OPL contributors to participate in a voting process*
The options are:
-#1 to vote for OnPlace further development, which means: investors to demonstrate their patience and let the OPL token reach third party exchanges along with more investments to be obtained from traditional VC investors.
-#2 to vote for the refund to be provided to those, who wants it. In this case, there will be 60% refunded to investors, as there was a number of marketing expenses after the investments had been aquired.

Please let us know your choice regarding the options offered by OnPlace to its crypto investors.

*Bounty tokens are not the subject for a refund options.